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Beyond Software, Beyond Engineering

Real time and sensor based embedded systems consist of computer software, hardware and mechanical components. This requires co-design and the collaboration of many experts who should understand and appreciate each others' contribution.

Our economy is driven by innovation. Novel products and services must reach the market via effective commercialization. Business disciplines - management, marketing, finance, indeed leadership - play an increasing role.

Education must respond to the above requirements. Curricula should include general engineering, laboratory practice and business fundamentals to prepare students for the interdisciplinary work in industry.

About the Speaker

Laszlo A. (Les) Belady

Design Engineer in Hungary, W-Germany and France.
Research-Manager, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown, NY.
Director, Software Technology, IBM World Headquarters.
Manager, IBM Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan;
Founder and Vice President, Software and Systems, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp. (MCC), Austin, TX.
CEO Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center America (ITA), Cambridge, MA.
Executive Director, Austin Software Council.

Visiting Professor at University of CA, Berkeley and other univeesities.
Adjunct Professor, Electr. & Comp. Engineering, University of TX.

Education: MS. Aeronautics, Technical University of Budapest.

Honors: Citation Index Classic for most referenced paper in the field of software; J. D. Warnier Prize for excellence in information; Several IBM Outstanding Contribution Awards.

Memberships/Boards: Foreign member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; IEEE Fellow; Sr. Fellow, ICC Institute, Business School, University of TX; Advisory boards of companies in US, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary

1987-88 member, USAF Science Advisory Board; 1979-83 Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Software Enginnering.

Languages: English, French, German, Hungarian.

Residences in Austin, Texas and in Budapest, Hungary.