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AMD Athlon 64

The upcoming AMD Athlon 64 processor is the first and only 64-bit PC processor based on the x86 ISA. The talk will cover systems and processor architectures, will discuss the relevance and importance of 64-bit computing generally, and the x86-compatibilty of AMD64 technology specifically.

About the Speaker

John Crank

John Crank is the AMD Athlon brand manager. His responsibilities include AMD Athlon(tm) processor branding, messaging, positioning and planning of product launch activities.

John joined AMD in 1995 as an associate product engineer. He has also held positions as an associate design engineer with the AMD Athlon processor design team, and as a product engineer where he performed processor debug and analysis and Fab targeting. John moved to his current position with product marketing in 2000.

John holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.