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Agile Development Overview

Agile software development, as announced in the Agile Manifesto of February, 2001, and as practiced through Scrum, Extreme Programming and other common sense approaches over the last ten years, is getting a lot of attention as managers everywhere turn to "quicker, cheaper, better." This talk will address the underlying theories and principles of Agile development, the three management roles, the three phases of implementation, and the three impediments to success. Anecdotes will be used throughout to stop the entire talk from going dry.

About the Speaker

Ken Schwaber

Ken Schwaber is the co-developer of the Scrum Agile process with Jeff Sutherland, has chaired the Agile Alliance board of directors for the last two years, and has used Agile processes to successfully build systems over the last ten years. Ken has been in systems development for the last thirty years and brings that experience to bear in his advocacy of Agile processes.