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Bringing User Experience into Your Product Development Process

Focusing on the user experience at the right times in the development process will ensure higher usability and user adoption, less rework, and more profits. Some organizations believe that iterative UI design, usability testing and other user experience activities delay the schedule or add a major cost to the development effort.

This talk will present an approach that carefully incorporates user experience techniques into the development process to achieve the benefits above, but without extending the schedule or adding significant cost to the project.

About the Speaker

John Morkes, Ph.D., Partner, Expero Inc.

John Morkes is a partner at Expero Inc., a consultancy that defines, designs, develops and evaluates user experiences for software applications and websites. His recent projects include evaluating the design of TiVo.com, conducting a usability study on UI prototypes for Coremetrics’ online marketing analytics software, and running a marketing study to help increase CyberTrader’s lead conversion rate.

Previously, Dr. Morkes was director of Trilogy’s Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) team and established that company’s usability program and usability lab. While at Trilogy, he led efforts to improve usability of Nissan and Ford websites, and Forrester Research rated them as the two best consumer sites in the industry. He also has worked as a usability engineer for Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard and as a journalist for Wired and Research & Development magazines.

Dr. Morkes is a published researcher and a frequent speaker at conferences. At Nielsen Norman Group conferences around the world, he gives tutorials on Content Usability, Competitive Usability Testing, and Interviewing & Survey Techniques. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University and Master's and Bachelor’s degrees from Northwestern University.