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Security IS a Quality Factor

Pursuing both effectiveness and efficiency as a means of supporting small and medium sized enterprises in a commercial environment, this work investigates the notion of security as a quality determinant.

Using ISO 9001:2000 as an example of an organizational wide quality management system, we explore some of the efficiencies that can be gained as we integrate it with the information security management system specified by ISO 17799.

About the Speaker

Fiona Pattinson

Fiona Pattinson has worked in "IT" for nearly twenty years. Her career began with low-level assembly language programming, progressed through operations, technical-support management and included some high-level programming. She spent some time in new business development within the de-regulating electricity metering industry in the U.K. Since moving to Texas six years ago she has volunteered as web co-ordinator for a group with chapters in over eighty countries.

Now working as a consultant to the software industry, her current interests lie in quality and security related processes. Recently she managed the integration of a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, with an ISO 17799 based Information Security Management System. She has also worked with Common Criteria and its requirements for security assurance in the development environment.

Ms. Pattinson holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry. She recently passed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP examination and is a Certified Software Development Professional CSDP.

Ms. Pattinson can be reached at Fiona.Pattinson@phi-solutions.com or through www.phi-solutions.com.