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The 10 Most Commonly Confused Concepts in Software Architecture

Architecture is becoming one of the hottest fields in technology. It is helping companies reduce costs, improve quality and add to the bottom line. However, the term architecture and its derivatives are not well understood. Enterprise architecture, architecture patterns, and other related terminology are often confused with unrelated concepts. This confusion creates poor work environments, inconsistent roles, and strained IT relationships. For software professionals it is essential that we come to a common understanding of the fundamental concepts in software architecture so that we might fully realize its potential. Join Paul Preiss for a discussion on the fundamental concepts in architecture and their ramifications to the software industry.

About the Speaker

Paul Preiss

Paul Preiss is an independent consultant specializing in software architecture. Paul has been involved with high level architecture, design and implementation for the last 6 years. Previously Paul was the Applications Manager and Architect for Dell Pan Asia based in Kawasaki, Japan. He later became the Sr. Architect for a software consulting firm in St Paul Minnesota, where he provided architecture consulting for numerous government and private enterprise clients. Paul went on to become the Director of Engineering and Chief Architect of a digital asset management company. More recently Paul has spent most of his time creating and managing the International Association of Software Architects. The organization spans 3 countries and 6 states and is growing quickly. Paul has a bachelor's degree in Japanese from the University of Texas at Austin.
Steven Teleki,
Oct 16, 2008, 4:39 PM