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A Next Generation Scalable Mulltiprocessor Embedded Computer

The DRS Octopus high performance embedded computing system designed for embedded customers' requirements for an open hardware architecture, open source software, and no processing and I/O bottlenecks, DRS borrowed technology from the telecom community to produce a NextGen system.

The system's heart is the Broadcom BCM-1480 quad processor SoC. This chip has four MIPS64 cores and the Octopus can have up to three SoC's per 6U slot (96 GFLOPS peak). All processors have access to a high performance redundant switch fabric with 4 GB duplex data paths between processors. The system has a separate redundant GigE control plane and extensive health monitoring capabilities.

The Octopus is designed for demanding processing applications where size, weight and power are important. Applications include: signal intelligence, radar, data fusion and image processing.
About the Speakers

Rod Jensen

Rod has over 25 years experience in digital signal processing and high performance computing, beginning in 1981. He has had senior sales management positions at Signal Technology, Spectrum Signal Processing, Catalina Research and other DSP/real-time computing companies. A graduate of the University of Arizona, he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Lund (Sweden).

Rod has been a ham radio operator for 39 years and holds an FCC Extra Class license. He favors MacOS X- and Linux-based computers at home. He lives in Austin with his wife, and they have two grown sons.