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A Theology of Smart Cards

Smart cards are now the most prevalent computers in the world. In particular, they are the central piece of the wireless revolution. The brain of 600 million mobile phones, they embed Java to bring personal, secure computing to the world population in the most egalitarian spread of advanced technology.

A Theology of Smart Cards presents smart cards today, details the next ten years of technical evolution, and highlights research directions for the 20 years to come. As smart card wireless agents grow to billions of units, their evolution is compared to today's most advanced wireless agents, human beings.

About the Speaker

Bertrand du Castel, Schlumberger Fellow

Based in Austin, Texas, USA, Bertrand du Castel heads Smart Cards Research for Schlumberger. He is also Chairman of the Java Card Forum Technical Committee, an organization of all the major players of the smart card industry. Bertrand holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Paris and an Engineer Diploma from Ecole Polytechnique, France.