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Beyond the System Shall

A Journey from Good to Great Requirements

Today, only a small percent of IT projects succeed while the rest significantly under perform or fail outright. Seilevel will begin the presentation by delving into the statistics behind this statement and then move on to discuss how poor software requirements are a primary reason. The presenters will explore the root causes behind the problem and then provide suggestions as to how companies can improve the situation.

A key insight is the notion that requirements engineering will never be a one-size-fits-all discipline. Success requires that companies not only find the right people and give them the appropriate resources, but also allow them to develop and apply a varied set of tools for meeting disparate software requirements challenges. Of these tools, perhaps none are more important than the set of models that can drive completeness and clarity into software requirements specifications. The presentation will close with an overview of these models including examples of use cases, state diagrams, decision trees, and others.

About the Speakers

Jerry Aubin and Joe Shideler

The presenters for this event are Jerry Aubin and Joe Shideler – product managers at Seilevel who are working hard to push the envelope of requirements definition. As practitioners who have worked on some of Seilevel’s clients’ most mission critical applications, Jerry and Joe bring a practical and refreshing look at methods for achieving greater success in requirements elicitation and documentation. Seilevel is a professional services firm located in Austin, Texas, with a simple mission – to redefine the way companies create software requirements.