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Compiling XML DTDs to Java

XML is a popular method for defining and moving data between programs. Because XML is a bit complicated to parse, programmers often use a 'DOM' interfact to access XML data. Such DOM modules are very general, have a large footprint (megabytes) and do not provide fast parsing or fast access to the XML data.

This talk shows how XML DTDs can be 'compiled' directly to a set of application program subroutines that provide fast, validated parsing, very small footprint, and extremely fast access to the XML data.

About the Speaker

Ira Baxter

Dr. Baxter has been involved with computing since 1966, and implemented one of the first commercial minicomputer timesharing systems on a Data General Nova in 1970, well before receiving his B.S. in Computer Science (1973). He worked for a number of years in industry both as a consultant and as owner of Software Dynamics, a systems software house, where he designed compilers, time-sharing and network operating systems. In 1990, he received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine, where he studied Software Engineering, focusing on design reuse using transformational methods. Dr. Baxter spent several years with Schlumberger, working on a PDE-solver generator for CM-5 supercomputers (Sinapse). He consulted for Rockwell International on industrial automation software engineering tools for several years.

In 1995, he founded Semantic Designs, to build commercial tools that will radically improve the methods and economics of software enhancement and maintenance. Through Semantic Designs, he provides consulting to Fortune 100 companies on automated software analysis, transformation and domain-specific synthesis methods. Dr. Baxter is the principal architect of Semantic Designs' Design Maintenance System (DMS), and also the principal designer and compiler implementer of PARLANSE, Semantic Designs' parallel programming language.