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Debugging Software Professional Procrastination

Applied Personal Productivity, Chasing Individual Efficiency

Developing non-trivial solutions to the problems of which knowledge workers are tasked-- particularly those in software development, for example-- leads to it's own somewhat unique challenges. With out some attention to crafting an efficient and somewhat personalized routine for personal productivity, workers can be a hampered to craft the best and most relevant aide for their customers.

These concerns can be easily amplified by the nature of the technological creative landscape-- where we are free to create work that simply is not bound by the physical realities that we are bound. With such freedom, some structure often is automatically sought out by ourselves to help us cope with the "transformation of great ideas into great works".

Further still, every one of us has a set of ideas, desires and obligations that we carry into our work from outside. From concerns of the family to those of vacation ideas and beyond, we have a bunch of things that we want to handle. These things can easily pose a challenge that when unmet can easily prevent our best work (or worse).

Most people I've talked to about these things convey a genuine sense of positive productivity, while maintaining perhaps a more buried, nagging feeling of inefficiency: the subtle concern that things should be simpler, or more strongly, that the sense of upcoming work is somehow robbing the swift and steady handling of one's goals on and off the job.

A myriad of planning methodologies and planning systems are often enacted at a large group or team level to aide with regular operation of that "transformation of great ideas into great works." Some companies enforce formal plans, some collect formal metrics on productivity, some both... and for so many more: neither.

Regardless, an individual can adopt personal techniques to optimize their capabilities and how that maps to the attainment of one's goals (at and away from the team).

In our time together with our speaker, Stephen Henderson, we'll look at a few examples of how people handle the aforementioned transformation.
  • What are the thought processes and concrete techniques employed by folks that are succeeding (and failing)?
  • How can we engage our technical capabilities to help us manage the techniques we want to implement and tailor a personal productivity habit?
  • With regard to personal time management, what's innovative, new and relevant that we should be aware of?
  • And, above all, we'll review real world tools and practices that can keep us firmly on track and grounded-- even within the creative landscape.

About the Speaker

Stephen Henderson

Stephen Henderson has been grappling with time management and self-productivity issues continually since well before his 13 year career developing software.

Stephen is a co-founder of Capture Group, San Antonio-based consultancy providing just-in-time expertise for complex systems integration, software development, enterprise architecture and team mentoring for customers around the U.S.