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Home & Building Automation & Controls

"Home & Building Automation & Controls" is a presentation that examines new and disruptive developments in the technologies used in homes, commercial buildings, and manufacturing lines to control lighting, HVAC, security, entertainment, appliances, and other devices. It summarizes a market research report written for Parks Associates that also examines market drivers and remaining challenges while providing forecasts, company profiles, and descriptions of each of the enabling standards.

New powerline and wireless standards -- such as Insteon, ZigBee and Z-Wave -- simplify installation and can be applied equally across market segments, thus enabling the traditional applications and market segments to blend together. This could be especially disruptive in the home controls industry, where the added ability to carry data, streaming entertainment and phone calls makes it easier to integrate different applications and enable digital convergence. Because these technologies fit both consumer and business applications, they could help the home controls industry cross a 30-year-old chasm separating high-end new homes from much bigger opportunities in mainstream retrofit markets.

The professional installation that was once required for structured wiring and proprietary technologies limited most home control opportunities to high-end new homes, a market representing less than one-tenth of one percent of U.S. households per year. Similarly, consumer products based on X-10 technologies were unable to scale up-market to support more than 256 devices with fast and reliable response, so they weren't used in commercial applications.

About the Speaker

Wayne Caswell

Wayne Caswell is a retired IBMer and home networking pioneer with extensive IT experience in development, systems engineering, marketing, and strategy. His independent consulting practice focused on broadband, wireless and home networking markets with a resume of experience that includes strategic planning, market and competitive analysis, business development, and related tasks.

Wayne's clients ranged from startups to multinational corporations and industry associations, and previous clients include: 3M, Parks Associates, Siemens ICM, and the IWPC (International Wireless Packaging Consortium). He has served as the Communications Chairman of the HomeRF Working Group and helped converge voice, data and entertainment networks into a single wireless specification. He also helped pioneer the Residential Gateway (RG) concept and promoted many emerging RG standards, including OSGi, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25/WG1, and TIA TR-41.5. Wayne is currently seeking a new career to better affect solutions like last-mile broadband to connect consumers and services.