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Introduction to Voice over Internet (VoIP) and Converged Multimedia

The telecommunication industry has entered a new stage, where the combination of broadband technologies over wireless, wireline and cable, drive the convergence of voice, video, high speed Internet into a new family of services and applications. The new architectures required by the deployment of these services, obliterates the divide between telephony and Information Technology, and transforms software architectures and hardware platforms. Agenda: - the change of the telecom models from vertical "stove pipe" to the horizontal layered architecture - introduction to Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP and how it changes the application development landscape - opportunities for integrating IT and telephony and examples of VoIP and Converged Internet Multimedia - Q&A

About the Speaker

Manuel Vexler

Manuel Vexler is Vice President of Marketing at the IPCC, the consortium developing architectures and markets for Voice and Video over wireless, wireline and cable broadband Internet. In parallel, Manuel chairs the Service Providers Working Group at the SIP Forum. In 2004, he co-founded Integra100, a service provider offering an unique approach to post-mergers success. Since 1993 Manuel held senior marketing and technology strategy roles at Cisco, AMD, Alcatel, and Nortel where he managed hundred million dollars product lines, lead a major Cisco acquisition in Japan, and drove introduction of over ten new products in North America and globally. He is also credited with expanding the ADSL Forum to include SDSL, to what is known today as the DSL Forum. An accomplished speaker, Manuel was invited at conferences in the Americas, Europe and Asia on topics related to broadband and Voice over IP markets, technologies, and services. He holds a M.Sc.EE, a Network Engineering and an Executive Marketing certificates.