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Lightweight Reviews

How code reviews can be effective and measureable without a lot of process

Code review works, but what if developers waste too much time doing it? What if the social ramifications of personal critiquing ruin morale? How can review be implemented in a measurable way so you can identify process problems? Is there a tool that can automate this process?

Come and find out how you can quickly and painlessly implement a review practice in your organization.

About the Speaker

Jason Cohen, CEO, SmartBear Software, Inc.

Jason founded Smart Bear Software in 2003 and has ten years of experience in software startups, both VC-funded (GlobeSet, Sheer Genius Software) and bootstrapped (Photodex, ITWatchdogs, Smart Bear). Jason holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

He lives in Austin with his talented, intelligent, beautiful wife Darla, without whom Smart Bear would not have been possible.