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Mother Nature's Laws of Business

Energy. Power. Work. Momentum. We use these terms every day in our professional lives to relate to the day-to-day experiences of people. Yet as engineers, these terms have completely different meanings. Or do they? Perhaps the forces that make objects move, water flow, and the earth rotate are also operating in our thoughts, actions and relationships. After all, why would the laws of nature apply to everything in the universe – except us? Through engaging stories and interactive demonstrations, you will explore the fascinating connections between Mother Nature and human nature, and how these parallels reveal – in one "a ha!" moment after another – why we get what we get, and how to get what we want.

About the Speakers

Susan Meredith

As an engineer, entrepreneur and seasoned consultant to thousands of decisionmakers, Susan Meredith has taught and mentored over 600 Process Improvement projects, including those with measurable impacts exceeding $1Million. While at IBM, Susan received a Management Excellence Award and a key Technical Award. Through it all, Susan observed and explored how the laws of nature apply to everyday business. Susan founded “Human Excellence,” a training company that promotes human empowerment and business success, and she is completing her first book on “Energy Management.” Susan is a master at communicating the laws of Mother Nature in a way that brings them to life for both technical and non-technical audiences.