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People Capability Maturity Model

The P-CMM is a framework that helps organizations successfully address their critical people issues. Based on the best current practices in fields such as human resources, knowledge management, and organizational development, the People CMM guides organizations in improving their processes for managing and developing their workforces. The People CMM helps organizations characterize the maturity of their workforce practices, establish a program of continuous workforce development, set priorities for improvement actions, integrate workforce development with process improvement, and establish a culture of excellence. Since its release in 1995, thousands of copies of the People CMM have been distributed, and it is used worldwide by organizations, small and large.

About the Speaker

Gian Wemyss

Gian Wemyss is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff with the Software Engineering Process Management (SEPM) Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)/Carnegie Mellon University. SEPM helps organizations and individuals to improve their software engineering management practices. Gians work at the SEI includes assisting organizations in successfully addressing their critical human capital issues through the use of the SEIs People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM). Gian is also involved in the identification, development, promotion, and application of practices that result in rapid, affordable, and sustained transition of innovative software engineering management technologies developed at the SEI. This includes work on the development of interpretive guidance for users of CMMI, and the development of a disciplined transition planning method for technology transition and change management practices. Gian has over 15 years experience in organizing, designing and facilitating courses and workshops to help organizations develop transition plans for new and innovative technologies.

Gian is an authorized Lead Assessor for the People CMM and an authorized instructor for the following SEI courses: Consulting Skills Workshop, Team Start-up Workshop,Improvement Planning Workshop,Managing Technological Change, Executive Managing Technological Change, Introduction to the People Capability Maturity Model.