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Sensor and Sensing for Continuous Monitoring in Healthcare

Title: Sensor and Sensing for Continuous Monitoring in Healthcare

Date/Time:   February 20th, 2013 6:30 - 8:45 PM, with food/drinks

AbstractSensors are used in healthcare, energy, retail and other industries. Most notably in healthcare, software applications leverage embedded sensors in mobile devices for continuous monitoring.  Applications exist for heart rate, respiration, skin resistance, motion, location, and fetal monitoring.  Future generation of sensors may capture other bio-signals and vital signs.  Mobile devices in continuous monitoring can provide data to plan rapid responses in hospitals to prevent unnecessary admissions to reduce costs and improve healthcare. Large scale sensing requires an infrastructure to communicate, store and analyze data in real-time. As healthcare services transition from hospitals to telemedicine many problems arise. For example; vibrations from the heart, can mix with noise sources from the surrounding environment, making it difficult to detect salient features in heart rhythms.  This talk addresses the problem of signal disaggregation and pattern recognition.  We demonstrate our results with the data collected from sensors used as sensory devices. The aim is to propose sensors as cost effective substitutes for costly medical devices or an extra asset in clinical practice. The sensors will be embedded in mobile devices, and software applications based on statistical signal processing and learning will perform analytics in real-time.

 About the Speaker: Choudur K. Lakshminarayan, PhD is a Principal Research Scientist at HP Labs, USA and concurrently visiting professor, Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Hyderabad.  He specializes in the areas of Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning and Data Mining with applications in sensors and sensing in healthcare, energy, and large-scale data centers.  He is widely published in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals, and his name appears as an inventor in over 40 patents; granted, published, or pending.  He has conducted workshops in data mining and analytics in India, Hong Kong, China, the Middle East and the USA. He regularly speaks at international conferences, symposia, and universities.  He served as a consultant to government, and private industry in the US and India.  He holds a PhD in mathematical sciences, and lives in Austin, Texas.  

Room Number: Suite 100 
12357-C Riata Trace Parkway
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Austin,  Texas
United States 78727

Meeting Agenda:
6:30 p.m. Networking and Gathering
7:00 p.m. Call to Order, Announcement
7:15 p.m. Presentation, with Q/A
8:45 p.m. Meeting Evaluation, Adjourn