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Storage Networks

Network storage allows system managers flexibility in meeting performance and maintenance goals by separating the computing functions from storage management. Distributed applications such as web-servers can take advantage of the pooled resources. Data may be shared across increasing distances.Back-ups and capacity augments may be performed without impacting performance. The evolution from direct-attached disks to Network Attached Storage, Storage Area Networks, and Internet-based storage will be described in this presentation along with some design and performance implications..

About the Speaker

Steve Crowl

Steve Crowl is Director of the Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems at St. Edward's University in Austin where he teaches graduate courses in computer networks, database management, JAVA, and e-commerce systems. Prior to St. Edwards, Steve led development for an Austin software start-up and was head of IT for an e-commerce company. He was previously director of engineering for Sprint's web-hosting service, and Passport, its nationwide ISP.