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Tailoring Earned Value Management for Practical Use

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management technique that is featured in text books and in PMI reference materials (and is a major part of the PMP exam for PMI).  Yet, it is one of the least used methods by practicing project managers.  A study reported in the Project Management Journal in 2008 reported that earned value ranked 48 out of 70 tools/methods surveyed.  Those who use the approach, though, find that it provides concise and clear insight into project progress.  So, why is it seldom used?

In this presentation, we will explore quickly the standard purpose and definition of EVM (also known as Earned Value Analysis or EVA) and consider the barriers most project leaders encounter.  We will then discuss some alternate ways to establish earned value tracking, when the classic textbook approach doesn't work.  Examples to be discussed include:

how to establish EVM when the 15 projects in a large program don't have resource-loaded schedules
how to handle EVM when your projects don't have cost data available
how burndown charts in agile projects relate to EVM

Come and see how the myths and mystique of earned value are unwarranted.  It can be a very practial tool.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Janet Ply, co-founder of Pendére, a woman-owned business established in 1993, specializes in building effective IT delivery practices for Fortune 500 clients. She has 20+ years experience managing large, complex IT solutions domestically and globally and providing consulting services that include business/IT alignment, portfolio strategy implementation, PMO design and implementation, process improvement guidance, and customized project management and requirements engineering training. In 2008-2009, she was the Program Director of a $643M program, leading the effort for its recovery. She has a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Engineering, MS in Procurement and Acquisition Management, and PhD in Information Technology. She was certified by the Software Engineering Institute as a CMM Evaluator and has consistently used industry best practices like those of CMMI in her work.

Dr. Joyce Statz, an independent consultant, provides education and guidance in process improvement, project management, measurement, and requirements handling. In more than 30 years of experience as a software professional, her consulting work has met needs of clients ranging from CIO to individual developer at more than 90 organizations world-wide. Recently a Vice President at Borland Software Corporation, she helped integrate the process offerings into Borland’s consulting practice from the acquisition of TeraQuest, the company that Joyce co-founded and co-led for 12 years. Prior to that, she spent 15 years at Texas Instruments in Austin, as developer, Project Manager, and Manager of software development, as well as being an early proponent of software process improvement. Today she works with individual organizations, and she serves as an adjunct professor in the MS in Project Management Program at St. Edward’s University in Austin. In the role of Austin SPIN President, she enjoys networking with some of the brightest professionals in the world!

Tonight’s Door Prizes:

A book on project management – SharePoint for Project Management, as well as multiple copies of the “Little Yellow Book of Project Management Questions” from the Software Program Managers Network.