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The Changing Future of Software, Computation, and the Development and Business Processes -- What's Next?

This presentation will address the future direction of software and the new technology and science that are changing the computation hardware. The major paradigm shifts in each of these areas that are on the horizon will be highlighted.   In the future, the new systems will be enabled by ubiquitous computation, communications, and digital systems.  These complex systems and Chaos Theory combine to create a new horizontal convergence.  The complex systems involve not only the elements of business, science, and government, but have disruptive elements where traditional structures and traditional timing no longer are the dominant planning elements. This talk will include a look at the major trends in software languages, processes, architectures, and the process drivers and what needs to be done to be successful.
About the Speaker: 
As a noted futurist, technologist, and business leader, David brings more than 30 years of experience in digital convergence, strategic planning, and emerging technologies to his clients. David has assisted in creating and implementing plans for Fortune 100 companies, emerging companies, universities, and government agencies, including Bank of America, Boeing, the CIA, Lockheed Martin, the National Security Agency, Sun Microsystems, and the U.S. Department of Defense.  As a leader in innovation, he has played an integral role at two of the nation's most successful consortia, SEMATECH and the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), designing IN-Q-TEL for the United States intelligence agencies, the intelligence community’s research and development venture capital solution, and working as one of a three-person coordination committee and on the steering and implementation committees that developed the highly respected Semiconductor Industry Association National Technology Roadmap. As an invited keynote speaker, teacher, and presenter, David’s compelling orations have captivated a range of audiences. He is also quoted in many publications, classes, and books. In addition to being a senior research fellow at the University of Texas at Austin IC2 Institute and a fellow of the Society for Design and Process Science, David was awarded the SEMATECH Eagle Award for a 1993 Strategic Plan and the Council of Consortia Award for Extraordinary Contributions and Achievement in Technology Transfer.