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The Race for a New Game Machine -- Creating the Chips Inside the Xbox 360 & the PlayStation 3

THE RACE FOR A NEW GAME MACHINE provides an insider’s view of the exciting work of a computer design team simultaneously racing to complete, from scratch, the design of the fastest chips in the industry while answering to corporate giants IBM, Sony, Toshiba and Microsoft. At the IEEE meeting on May 20th, David Shippy and Mickie Phipps will discuss their experiences developing the high performance microprocessor core for two of the most anticipated game consoles in recent history. They will also discuss the challenges facing future high performance microprocessor design teams.

About the Authors

David Shippy was the chief architect and technical leader of the PowerPC microprocessor for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 game machines. His experience designing high-performance microprocessor chips and leading large teams spans more than 20 years. His work encompasses microprocessor designs for notebook computers, desktop computers, game machines, high-end servers, and mainframes. Currently, he is the Vice President of Engineering at Intrinsity, a company that develops microprocessors, based in Austin, Texas, where he lives. 

Mickie Phipps spent six years in various management and leadership positions in IBM including two in the Sony/Toshiba/IBM Design Center, where she held ultimate responsibility for the PowerPC microprocessor schedule, the product, and the team. The PowerPC microprocessor is the “brain” inside both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Ms. Phipps left IBM in 2004 to open a small business and pursue her life-long passion for writing. She also spent twenty years in the United States Air Force and is a retired Reservist.  She now lives in Kingsland, Texas.