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The Wold Community Grid

WorldCommunityGrid.org is an IBM philanthropic project to harvest unused CPU cycles from personal computers around the world and aggregate that compute power, applying it to nonprofit research projects which benefit humanity and the world. This takes advantage of otherwise wasted energy and at the same time creates a virtual supercomputer that in some ways exceeds the abilities of ordinary supercomputers. The result is that some otherwise impractical or intractable research project can become reality. The talk will give an overview of World Community Grid, its research projects and challenges.

About the Speaker: Viktors Berstis

Viktors Berstis is a Senior Software Engineer and Master Inventor at the IBM Corporation in Austin Texas. His experience at IBM includes architecting the System/38 - AS/400, developing various compilers, research on high-level automated integrated circuit design, and OS/2. Currently he is the technical lead and scientist for World Community Grid, where he also helps researchers exploit grid computing in their projects. With degrees from the University of Michigan, he is a senior member of the IEEE, and has over 130 US patents. His hobbies include radio controlled airplanes, SCUBA diving, 3D stereoscopic photography, playing the piano, exploiting solar energy and making all sorts of gadgets.