Do you want to make a difference in the Austin Tech community? Volunteer!

Do you want to be better known in the local community? Here is your opportunity: volunteer with IEEE CS Austin!

Volunteer for a chapter officer position! In order to bring you the monthly programs you enjoy, the IEEE CS Austin needs people in the the following roles:

1. Chapter Chair: responsible for the operations of the chapter; organize 10 meetings each year (January through May, and July through November); assisted by the other officers. Benefits: exposure to the business & computer community and beyond. Time commitment: 2 hrs/month plus attend the monthly meeting.

2. Chapter Program Chair: responsible to identify 10 programs per year, speakers or panels, to cover the 10 yearly meetings. The Program Chair is assisted by the entire leadership team. Benefits: the Program Chair, just like the Chair gets exposure to people in the business & computer community and beyond. Time commitment: 2 hrs/month plus attend the monthly meeting.

3. Chapter Facilities Chair: responsible for identifying the meeting location for the meetings. Benefits: exposure to people in the local business community. Time commitment: 2 hrs/month plus attend the monthly meeting.

4. Chapter Communications Chair: responsible for getting the word out to the local newsgroups and media about the upcoming meetings. Benefits: name recognition and relationship building in the local community. Time commitment: 1 hr/month plus attending the monthly meeting.

5. Chapter Refreshments Chair: responsible to pick up refreshments for the monthly meeting. Benefits: people love you for bringing snacks! Time commitment: 1 hr/month (plus attend the monthly meeting)

6. Chapter Webmaster: responsible for keeping the website of the chapter updated and the latest program displayed on the front page. Benefits: you get to put your name on the site and people in the community will get to know you. Time commitment: 1 hr/month.

Volunteers have help! You are never alone. You get coaching and mentoring. The leadership team is assisted by past leaders of the chapter to ensure that the new volunteers learn their roles and perform with excellence!

Summary of Benefits
  1. You are making a positive impact on the community.
  2. You are known as a person who makes things happen.
  3. You meet the speakers and have dinner with them (paid for by IEEE).
ACT NOW: Send your nominations to the Chapter Chair. In order to keep the chapter going, we need to fill all positions. It is OK to have more than one person for each role. Self nominations are welcome!

The fine print: In order to be a chapter officer, you must be a member of IEEE Computer Society or IEEE. Apply at or at Your membership might be reimbursable by your employer or it might be tax deductible. Consult a tax adviser.